Glass Craft USA carries out Glass Etching, Engraving and Decoration on site without removing the glass from the frame. Using unique patented processes and machinery, we are able to permanently apply custom designs, logos and specially commissioned art pieces to any type of glass in any location. We have found this procedure can be used in countless applications, for example...


  *  Domestic and Artistic

  *  Signs and Displays

  *  Corporate Imaging

  *  Glass Tabletops

  *  Opening Ceremony Plaques

  *  Commemorative Plaques


All our engravings have the potential to be safely cut to a sufficient depth which allows the images to be enhanced with hand colorings and Precious Metals, for example, 231/2 Carat Gold, Platinum and Silver leaf.


Glass Craft USA also offers a full in house design service capable of producing designs, logos and specially commissioned art pieces.