The following case studies are actual examples of how our service has been used in the past.


The Gateway Plaza,

Barnsley, England.


We were contacted by the Project Manager on the Gateway Plaza development with a request for urgent assistance. After completion of the residential part of this development, Building Control officers refused to allow some of the apartments to be handed over to their owners. This was because the glass suppliers had not printed the appropriate, permanent, quality standard certification mark on 120 of the glass units which were already in place.


Glass Craft arrived on site and had all the panes in question inspected and approved by an independent survey, then etched a small 1" X 1/4" mark on each pane while still in its frame. During a site survey a further 51 panes were discovered to be missing the mark, and because of the flexibility of the Glass Craft product we were able to carry out this extra work on the same day.


Glass Craft's On Site Etching Service saved this company the costs of replacing the 171 large glass units and the financial penalties associated with late hand over of the apartments, which would have amounted to tens of thousands of pounds.


The Millennium Gate,

Atlanta, GA.


The Millennium Gate was created by Rodney M. Cook, Jr., president and founder of the National Monuments Foundation (NMF) and its purpose is "to preserve and interpret Georgia history, architecture, culture and philanthropic heritage as well as highlight Georgia’s historical and aesthetic relevance to the United States and to the world."

After an introduction to Glass Craft C.E.O. Basil Haslett, he and Mr Cook discussed in depth the facilities, intentions and layout of this monument, including the centrepiece, a large bust of George Washington. After seeing examples of Glass Craft's work, Mr Cook commissioned three pieces to highlight and complement the Millennium Gate's memorial to America's first President. These were The seal of the President of the United States, which was deep cut and finished in 231/2 carat gold. The Washington Crest, which was used as the first Presidential Seal by Washington on his correspondence; this too was deep cut and finished in full color and gold leaf. The third piece is the Washington family Coat of Arms, also finished in 231/2 carat gold leaf and full color.


Manchester Airport,

Manchester, England.


Glass Craft were contacted by the Buildings Manager for Terminal 1 at Manchester Airport regarding the glass barriers (pictured above). These barriers had Vinyl signs placed on them to imitate etched logos. The problem was that people were leaning against these panels and picking the vinyl stickers off. This damage was not only very unsightly, but was costing a fortune to constantly repair and replace this vinyl.


Glass Craft arrived on site, removed the damaged vinyl stickers and permanently etched the required logos and signs onto the glass panels. The difficult part of this project was that it had to be completed during the day while the arrivals area was open. Then factor in that on the day Glass Craft were carrying out this operation, almost all the air traffic in Britain was diverted to Manchester Airport because of the disruption caused by the Icelandic Volcanic ash cloud of April 2010.


This demonstrates the abilities of Glass Craft to operate under the most difficult of circumstances. The flexibility of the process, dedication of the highly skilled operators and the clean and quiet machinery allowed industrial work to continue without causing any disruption to an already chaotic environment.